Behind the Scenes

Puppets, photo by Pablo Hermoso from Unsplash

Behind the Scenes

If I say I made my own luck, it may not be so.

Maybe someone helped me, and I didn’t know.

When I fell on my face, I could have been

sabotaged by someone I thought was my friend.

Though I’ve tried to help my fellow man

and do good deeds whenever I can,

I know I’ve made enemies inadvertently,

and maybe helped others in ways I can’t see.

I’m sure there were times that I was blind

to the needs of others; it weighs on my mind.

I’m sure I wasted energy trying to see

if somebody else was out to get me.

Life’s about making the world a better place;

it’s not about fighting to win the race

to the top of the ladder or to the bank

or sacrificing integrity for power or rank.

I take compliments with a grain of salt,

and being blamed doesn’t mean I’m at fault.

The opinions of others have merit, but…

it’s sometimes better to go with your gut!

If I’m out there seeking a pat on the back,

It may be best to forget about that!

Accolades I receive may not be

the most reliable measure of my humanity.

Reprinted from Life in Inspiring Places

Copyright© 2019 by Cheryl Batavia


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