Blissful Days Ahead

Katey, Cheryl, and Ellen. Selfie by Katey. Photo taken on our last road trip, November, 2021.

Blissful Days Ahead


blowing in like a March wind.

Blissful days ahead,

exploring with my daughters

Mother Nature’s Wonderland!

Copyright© 2023 by Cheryl Batavia.

Road Trip

My daughters, Ellen and Katey, will be visiting from Texas, March fifth through the eleventh. Our eagerly-awaited four-day road trip will take us through Everglades National Park to Miami Beach and Biscayne National Park.

We have planned two boat tours, a day at the beach, a visit to the Miccosukee Indian Village, and a walk across the saltwater marsh that I once enjoyed nearly forty years ago. We look forward to encounters with alligators, dolphins, and colorful tropical birds. Local seafood, Cuban cuisine, barbeque, and matzo ball soup are also on our itinerary.

I will share stories and photos of our trip when we return.

Love Endures, Happiness Thrives; Ongoing Effects of Hurricane Ian & Other Disasters; Karma

Photo by Freestocks from Unsplash.

Love Endures, Happiness Thrives

A baseball cap on your profile page?

You were recommended to me,

so I’ll try to engage.

You’re probably bald, but we shall see!

Someone in emails, so much like me.

Southern drawl on the telephone.

I’m sure we’ll discover an affinity…

though I don’t know if you’re “the one.”

A two-hour lunch we’ll always remember,

sharing fajitas and conversation.

Feeling like I’ve known you forever;

from that day on, I had no reservations.

Joyful hours and days when time flies,

coming to know we are soul mates,

making promises, merging our lives.

Lucky we met. We thank the Fates.

Day by day, we grow old together…

A decade of wonder and surprise.

Through all the storms we weather,

love endures, happiness thrives!

Ongoing Effects of Hurricane Ian & Other Disasters

I think the internet is finally fixed! Monday the technician tightened a loose wire at the central box! Our internet, TV, and house phones were off for five days, the third such outage since the hurricane shook things up. Robert is out $250 for a modem the internet provider had recommended. It didn’t solve the problem, and Robert returned it, but they said they had never received it and refused to refund the money.

I got up one morning last week and discovered that a tree had fallen from the wooded lot behind us onto the power company right-of-way behind our house… five months after the hurricane!

It cost $1, 200 to get this large oak tree cut up and removed. The new roof, wall repairs, and previous tree removal are covered by homeowner’s insurance, but not this tree!

What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world

and loses his own soul?

Bible, New International Version, Mark 8:36

No good deed goes unpunished!

Oscar Wilde


A corrupt quartet

sought profit from others’ loss,

but karma stepped in!

Inflicting loss on others,

without gain, they sold their souls.

On Saturday afternoon, I was shopping at Publix supermarket when a woman, who apparently spoke little English, came up from behind me. Saying “Please,” she pointed and gestured for me to reach a product on a high shelf for her. Two times I tried, and she shook her head, but the third time I handed her the item, and she said,”Thank you.” When I went to the checkout a few minutes later, I discovered that my wallet was missing.

Suddenly, I realized the significance of my encounter with the woman and told a manager what had happened. Publix security cameras clearly showed a man acting as a lookout, a woman distracting me by asking me for help, and another woman removing my wallet from my tote bag in five seconds! The theft was recorded at 3:59. At 4:15, before I even missed my wallet, the security camera at the Walmart across a four-lane highway recorded the thieves trying to use my credit cards to pay for $504.94 worth of drinks and other groceries.There must have been a fourth person filling the cart at Walmart while the other three were robbing me.

All the cards they tried to use were declined because the credit card companies’ records show that I rarely spend more than $100 at the grocery store. All the four thieves got for their trouble was $8 in cash and incriminating videos in two stores. I hope they are caught and can never again do this to anyone else!

The wallet contained my drivers license, voter registration card, insurance and credit cards, checkbook, and my $450 car key fob. I will never again put my key fob, check book, and every card I possess in my wallet. I will never again leave my wallet in a tote bag, but will carry it in a small cross-body purse or a fanny pack. You are never too old to learn to do things differently!

A Publix Manager said that in the seven years he had been at the store, no customer had ever been robbed. Lucky me…I am the first! After I waited for two hours at Publix for the police, The manager gave me my groceries for free, and one of the Publix employees took me home and brought Robert back to pick up the car. I soon had to return to the store to fill out a police report. Finally, late that night, I got a chance to cancel my cards and order new ones.

The next three days were spent at Motor Vehicles (twice) who wanted proof of residence, the bank (twice), who needed my driver’s license, and the bureau of elections. I had to change my checking account and online banking and call Social Security and insurance companies about changes in my direct deposit. I contacted Medicare, AAA, AARP…The details are endless, but I am gaining on them. Though everyone has been unbelievably helpful, it has been an ordeal!

I don’t know how I could have managed without Robert’s help! While I was waiting at Motor Vehicles and the bank, I wrote a Valentine poem for Robert and later made it into a card.

Yesterday, we went to the car dealership to replace my key fob and reprogram Robert’s. When we returned, there were eight roofers on our roof installing new shingles. Robert and I were nervous about the shingles we had selected, but we are very happy with the finished roof! The next thing we have to do is hire someone to repair the numerous hairline cracks in our walls that appeared in the weeks after Hurricane Ian…

Robert followed up his recent pacemaker surgery with a cardiologist last week. Many tests are scheduled, some this week, some after Robert’s daughter visits in a couple of weeks. Then my daughters are coming in March, and we are planning a road trip. I will post the photos!

No need to worry. I promise you, I will not be bored anytime soon!

Copyright© 2023 by Cheryl Batavia

❤ Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone! ❤

February 14th

May you enjoy the love of the special people in your lives on Valentine’s Day and always!