Every Precious Day

Robert & Cheryl, Lunch at One of our Favorite Places, December, 2014

Every Precious Day

Sunny days, dark days…

We’re growing old together

every precious day.

You are intellect,

ethics, affection, passion,

thoughtfulness, and joy!

Magic of the moon,

Venus, Mars, and all the stars…

sunshine of your smile.

Wherever I go,

my thoughts are always with you…

Can’t wait to come home!

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia

Happy Birthday, Robert!

September 20, 2020

I Heard Your Name

Woman Floating in the Ocean, Photo by Jeremy Bishop from Unsplash

I Heard Your Name

I walked through surf,

heart pounding,

blood rushing,

and I thought of you.

The sun warmed me,

cheered me,

and sparkled on the water,

and I saw your smile.

The sea held me,

rocked me, and

gently stroked my face,

and I felt your touch.

The breeze and

the seabirds and

the little waves spoke to me,

and I heard your name.

Reprinted from Wonders

Copyright© 2018 by Cheryl Batavia

Netting in Lemon Bay

Left to Right: Gulf of Mexico, Manasota Key, Lemon Bay. Photo by Jin from Adobe Stock

Netting in Lemon Bay

For several hours that morning, in blazing sun,

our group waded in the knee-deep muck

of Lemon Bay, netting sea creatures

and collecting them in pails. Then we gathered

on shore with the naturalist to observe and

discuss the animals we had found:

juvenile flounder, shrimp, tiny crabs…

I left a bit early because I had a lunch date

with a man who lived nearby.

We had been communicating on Plenty of Fish

and were meeting for the first time.

Woops! There were no showers at the park!

I cleaned up the best I could with a wet towel.

Still sweaty on top and muddy on the bottom,

I went to meet my date at Chili’s.

We met in the parking lot with a hug

and a kiss on the cheek, not my usual handshake.

We talked for two hours over chicken fajitas.

Time flew by! I felt I had known him forever!

…That’s how I met my soul mate!

Reprinted from Life in Inspiring Places

Copyright© 2019 by Cheryl Batavia

Robert and I have been together for six very happy years since that meeting at Chili’s. I was sixty-five, and he was sixty-six when we met. My husband had been dead for over twelve years before I started dating, and I had nearly given up on ever finding a soul mate… someone with whom I have so much in common!


Walking Hand in Hand by Epic Stock Media from Adobe Stock Photos


Dew, wet and cool beneath bare feet

Bunny munching technicolor grass.

Black racer crossing–elegance in motion.

Green bee sipping breakfast

from an orange flower.

Mockingbird incessantly repeating

his neighbors’ songs.

Clouds assemble, palms flutter,

sky darkens, thunder, lightning, shower.

From every tree, birds singing in the rain.

Incandescent sunset.

Stars twinkling in the pine trees.

Water dripping from the leaves,

Frogs singing love songs in the ditches

as we walk hand in hand.

Grass never grew so green.

Stars never shone so bright.

Nature’s music–never sweeter!

Wonders of the universe,

shared with the one I love.

Reprinted from Wonders

Copyright© 2018 by Cheryl Batavia

“Wonders” is one of my favorite poems from my very first book, Wonders: Poems about Love and Relationships. It is posted on the website under “Excerpts, Wonders.” If you have read it there, I apologize, and I promise I won’t make it a habit to duplicate poems.

There is a story behind this poem. One night I was afraid that I was going to die, and Robert comforted me as I cried. (I almost never cry!) It turned out to be a false alarm. The next morning, I woke up, and everything looked incredibly bright and beautiful. This is a poem about that day.

Evolved Man

Photo of Robert Snyder by Cheryl Batavia

Evolved Man

Evolved in thought.

Not easily deluded.

Never self-deluded.

Laser-sharp focus on truth.

Divides the goats of reason

from the sheeep of folly.

Evolved in intellect,

educated, informed.

Repository of knowledge__

both factual and conceptual,

both trivial and profound.

Grounded, self-deprecating, wise.

Evolved in human interactions.

Eludes the treachery of villans,

never villanous.

Extends himself in acts of kindness,

expecting nothing in return.

Open, vulnerable, self-assured.

Evolved in his passions,

disciplined, moderate, civilized,

slow to anger.

Only in his libido,

primitive man survives evolution!

Reprinted from Wonders

Copyright© 2018 by Cheryl Batavia

Warm, Strong Hands

Warm, Strong Hands

I like a man with warm, strong hands,

and I like the way my hand fits yours.

I like a man who thinks deep thoughts,

who talks abstractions

in the middle of the night

in a soothing Southern drawl.

I like to ride around with a man

who drives like he is seventeen,

but has the wisdom of a sage.

I like a man who is a truth-teller,

a man with honor in his eyes.

I like a man who makes me laugh,

who is silly and witty and wicked.

I like a man with warm, strong arms,

and I like the way I feel in yours.

Reprinted from Wonders

Copyright© 2018 by Cheryl Batavia

Time Flies!

Stars in the Night Sky through a Telescope

Time Flies!

Helios, in his fiery chariot,

crosses the sky each day.

His sister Selene,

in her chariot of silver,

travels the night sky.

We mark our days.

The moon waxes and wanes.

The seaons change.

Our birthdays mark the years

since the planets aligned…

and we were born.

Robert, my sun rises

and sets in you.

I will love you all my days.

I thank my lucky stars

for the day we met.

Copyright 2019© by Cheryl Batavia