Caterpillar in a Hurry/ Butterflies & Flowers

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar by from Pexels

Caterpillar in a Hurry

While munching his vegetables,

While munching his vegetables,

is a caterpillar in a hurry

to be a butterfly?

Is he in a rush to drink

nectar from flowers

and give grown-up life a try?

Maybe he just wants to open

his brand new wings…and fly!

Monarch Butterflies on Milkweed

Butterflies & Flowers

What’s more beautiful,

butterflies or the flowers

that give them nectar?

Reprinted from Hanging Out with Wild Animals,

environmentally-themed book series for ages eight to twelve

Copyright© 2019 by Cheryl Batavia

Burmese Python Owner Speaks

Burmese Python by skeeze on Pixabay

Burmese Python Owner Speaks

Cute little python,

she swallowed a mouse.

She swallowed a mouse

’cause she lives at my house.

Hungry python,

She swallowed a rat.

She swallowed a rat

and grew long and fat.

Exotic python,

never does any harm.

I walk along South Beach

with her hugging my arm.

Growing girl python,

she swallowed a rabbit.

She swallowed a rabbit

’cause it’s her new habit.

Big strong python,

she squeezes too tight.

I’ll let her go free

in the Everglades tonight.

Twenty-six-foot python

she swallowed a gator.

She swallowed a gator

and got hungrier later.

200-pound python,

she swallowed a deer.

She swallowed a deer

when it came too near.

Monster python,

She swallowed a car.

No, not a car–

I wouldn’t go that far.

But mama python

and her hundreds of babies

are causing extinction

of native species.

I’ll be very careful

choosing my next pet,

and never, ever

abandon it!

Reprinted from Hanging Out with Wild Animals II,

an environmentally-themed book series for ages eight to twelve

Copyright© 20018 by Cheryl Batavia

The Burmese Python is an invasive species in the Florida Everglades that is decimating native animals such as alligators, deer, rabbits, and tropical birds. Every year, a hunt is conducted to try to eradicate them. One snake that was killed had consumed two deer–a doe and her fawn. The size of this animal and what it devours is not exaggerated in the poem, though I really think it does not have a taste for cars! Having a Burmese python as a pet is no longer legal in Florida.

Let’s Listen to Music!

African American Saxophonist Sax Jazz Music by Geoff Goldstein, Adobe Stock Photos

Let’s Listen to Music!

I’ll go with you to the symphony

to enjoy the harpist, horns, and tympani.

Will you walk on the beach at my side?

There’s a concert by gulls and rising tides.

I’d love to accompany you to the opera

and listen to the tenor and colortura.

One day, let’s visit the woodland clearing

to hear the arias mockingbirds are singing.

Sure! I’ll hang out at the jazz club with you

and groove to piano, cello, and blues.

Will you stroll with me under starry skies

as frogs and crickets harmonize?

Reprinted from Life in Inspiring Places

Copyright© 2019 by Cheryl Batavia


Photo by Tom Swinnen from Pexels


wakeful in the dark,
stillness of the night,
I see regrets like birds
perched on a fence,
silently reproaching me…

I should have shown
more empathy.
I could have made
different choices.
There were opportunities
I missed.

I can truthfully say
I have few regrets…
I ‘ve lived a meaningful
life and worked to
achieve worthy goals…
So I go back to sleep.

In the morning, I wake
to sunlight streaming
in my windows and birds
singing all around me,
and my heart sings along,
ready to seize the day.

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia