Featured Poems

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Brothers & Sisters

Mom didn’t say I have to like you.

She said, “Be nice to each other.”

Dad didn’t say I have to like you.

He said, “Share your toys.”

Grandma didn’t say I have to like you.

She said, “Take turns.”

Grandpa didn’t say I have to like you.

He said, “Keep your hands to yourself.”

Nobody said I have to like you,

but I do.

From Life in Inspiring Places





Dew, wet and cool beneath bare feet.

Bunny munching technicolor grass.

Black racer crossing–elegance in motion.

Green bee sipping breakfast

from an orange flower.


Mockingbird incessantly repeating

his neighbors songs.

Clouds assemble, palms flutter,

sky darkens, thunder, lightning, shower.

From every tree, birds singing in the rain.


Incandescent sunset.

Stars twinkling in the pine trees,

Water dripping from the leaves.

Frogs singing love songs in the ditches

as we walk hand in hand.


Grass never grew so green.

Stars never shone so bright.

Nature’s music–never sweeter!

Wonders of the universe,

shared with the one I love.

                                                                                                                     From Wonders 




Black-Eyed Susans

Black-eyed susans growing around

a little country church in Pennsylvania

caught the fancy of a five-year-old

who took them home to Sunday dinner.


Black-eyed susans growing on the bank

of a favorite swimming hole in Virginia

caught the fancy of a young man

who brought them home to his wife.


Black-eyed susans at the garden center,

too fancy and refined to tempt the

middle-aged gardener, but close enough

to stir the memory of something wild and free.


         Black-eyed susans in a Florida supermarket

(sunflowers, but close enough)

caught the fancy of an older woman

who brought them home to make her smile.

From Life in Inspiring Places





Feeling small in the vastness of a galaxy of stars,

I am comforted by my own insignificance.

It doesn’t matter very much if I am rich or famous,

or even pure in heart, except to me.  I am free,

with all the other short-lived humans,

to simply enjoy this moment gazing at the stars,

finding inspiration for my brief life,

confident that doing my best is enough,

feeling free to be happy.

From Life in Inspiring Places