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Excerpt from

Hanging Out with Wild Animals III





Don’t Cross ’em!

Hey, you!  What’s so funny?

Are you laughing at me?

I’m the American marsupial, see!

Never heard of that?  What a pity!

Ever hear of a kangaroo?

I guess that’s also news to you.


I’ll tell you, since you’re being nosey,

a possum’s pouch is pretty cozy;

my babies ride around with me

in comfort and security.

I bet you wish you had a pouch!

You laugh?  You’ll soon say, “Ouch!”


Look out, funny girl, if you pick a fight,

we opossums have a nasty bite!

You expect me to play dead? Pooh!

I’m busy, and I’m not scared of you…

I’m busy hunting rattlesnakes tonight

to feed my hearty appetite.


Excerpts from

Hanging Out with Wild Animals II

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Excerpts from

Hanging Out with Wild Animals





Great Blue Heron

Blue heron waded

out into the lake

and grabbed the biggest fish he could take.

He coughed and gagged

and tried like heck

to get that fish down his long, skinny neck…

spit out the fish and

exclaimed, “Goodness sake!”







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I heard you whisper in my ear

words I wanted to hear you say,

words I wanted to say to you.

Dumbfounded, I lay beside you

and I loved you,

but I didn’t say a word.


The words you whispered in my ear

are shouting and singing in my brain.

When I see you again,

I will whisper in your ear.


Young Man from the States

A clever young man from the States

always delighted his dates.

His candy was fancy, his jokes were funny,

he danced just like the Energizer Bunny,

and ladies like all of those traits.



Sunny, breezy June day,

children blowing bubbles,

friends and family eating barbecue,

taking photos, dancing to a jazz band.

A chocolate wedding cake

baked by friends.

I never knew a wedding

could mean so much to me,

a celebration of what

has always been true of us:



Rain on the Roof

Dawn, rain on the roof,

magnificent thunderstorm.

Cuddling with you.


Green Apples & Buttermilk

(first verse of a long, narrative poem)

Green apples and buttermilk.

Swimming at night in the Shenandoah:

the hanging bridge, the knotted rope

in a sycamore tree above the river.

Climbing the tower at seven bends.

Omelets after plays in Middletown.

Yellow roses on my birthday,

White roses on our wedding day;

that’s how our eighteen years began…


Excerpts From

Life in Inspiring Places

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