Hanging Out with Wild Animals


Copyright© 2018 by Cheryl Batavia.  Please do not reproduce without  prior written permission.



Opossums…Don’t Cross ’em!

Hey, you!  What’s so funny?
Are you laughing at me?
I’m the American marsupial, see!
Never heard of that? What a pity!

Ever hear of a kangaroo?
I guess that’s also news to you.
I’ll tell you, since you’re being nosey
A possum’s pouch is pretty cozy;
my babies ride around with me
in comfort and security.

I bet you wish you had a pouch!
You laugh? You’ll soon say,”Ouch!”
Look out, funny girl; if you pick a fight,
we opossums have a nasty bite!

You expect me to play dead? Pooh!
I’m busy, and I’m not scared of you…
I’m busy hunting rattlesnakes tonight
to feed my hearty appetite.

Iguana cover


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Great Blue Heron

Blue heron waded out into the lake
and grabbed the biggest fish he could take.
He coughed and gagged and tried like heck
to get that fish down his long, skinny neck…
spit out the fish and exclaimed, “Goodness sake!”





    1. Rattlesnakes are feared here too, Kavitha. There are no rattlers in my books, but there are other dangerous animals. I think rattlesnakes are interesting but certainly dangerous! I would not want to get too close to any dangerous animals. Some animals are best observed in the zoo! The books are intended for ages eight and up. There is a page in every book about how to observe wild animals safely.

      I agree with you about eating rattlers. I know some people like to eat rattlesnake meat, but I am certainly not one of them! 🙂

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. ❤ Have a great week!

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