Free Customizable Poems

Send a Unique Message. Be Creative!

Not copyrighted.  Modify and use however you like.  Insert names to personalize.  Have fun!

Ideas for Using Customizable Poems:

  • Email with a photo.
  • Post on the refrigerator, message board, or bathroom mirror.
  • Place inside a greeting card or on a gift.
  • Read aloud to the recipient in person or on a video.
  • Hand write, old school, into a blank note or greeting card.
  • Post on social media.
  • Print on a tee shirt…

Send a Poem to Your Valentine!

Modify to send a Birthday or Anniversary Message.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

_____________________, of all the men

on earth, you’re the best,

head and shoulders above the rest!

When I think of a great man,

_______________________, I think of you…

great at everything you do,

great at making dreams come true.

Happy Valentines Day, ___________________!

Happy Valentines Day,


You’re the woman of my dreams.

That’s why, __________________, it seems

that nothing I could say or do

would ever be good enough for you.

So _________________, I’ll just say

I love you.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


You’re the One!

You’re the one I want to be there for me.

You’re the one I want to see

at the beginning and ending of every day.

You’re the one, ______________,  I want to stay

by my side through  all time.

_________________, always be my Valentine!


______________, I want you to know

how much our friendship means to me.

When it seems that there is no one to trust,

I know I can rely on you, ______________.

When it seems nobody cares,

_______________, you are always there.

When I want honest advice, ________________,

I always go to you.  Thanks for being my friend.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wish Someone Happy


Happy Thanksgiving,

_____________________ !

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

We tell what we are thankful for today.

____________________  is thankful for


____________________ is thankful for


____________________ is thankful for


____________________ is thankful for


Whatever your religion or philosophy,

whatever age, gender, or ethnicity,

Thanksgiving is that special day

to all join hands and say,

“Thank You,”  for the life that we are living.

Count your blessings.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays, ___________

Celebrate the wonder and beauty of the Holidays.

Celebrate the joys of Family and Friends.

Celebrate Brotherhood.

Hope for Peace for the Whole Human Family.

Celebrate opportunity for you, ______________,

and me, _____________, to make a difference.

Happy Holidays!


It’s Time to Celebrate !

Light lights and sing songs,

share the joy with all our friends.

Time to celebrate!

Be Nice to Santa!

Last year, an exhausted Santa from Macy’s

complained that kids were driving him crazy!

They asked for so much stuff as they sat on his lap,

Santa went home early to take a nap.

I know you wouldn’t do that, ____________.

What if Santa got too tired to drive his sleigh?

I’m sure that wasn’t you, ____________.

Santa has to go down a lot of chimneys.

You are too polite to do that, ___________.

Santa has everybody’s stockings to fill.

Not you,_____________.

I know you would always be nice to Santa.

This year, a jolly Santa from Macy’s

said not all of the kids were driving him crazy.

Some brought Santa cookies and said, “Merry Christmas!”

I’m proud of you for behaving like this!

Symbols of Kwanzaa

Red, green, and black:

colors of Africa.

Seven candles in the Kinara.

Seven Principles to guide us.

Homemade gifts, the Unity Cup,

an ear of corn

for every child in the family:

____________, ____________, ___________

Happy Kwanzaa!

What do You Think of

When You Think of Hanukkah?

__________ thinks of latkes, applesauce, and sour cream.

__________ can’t stop thinking about Hanukkah gelt.

__________ sees candles glowing in her dreams.

__________ sings “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” all day long.

But, most of all, we think

of sitting down at the table with family and friends,

and hearing the story of Hanukkah

as candles burn in the Menorah.

Happy Hanukkah, everyone!

Wish Someone

a Happy New Year


New Years Resolutions

New Year is a time to second guess yourself.

Don’t go overboard on this, __________;

you are wonderful just the way you are,

and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Keep your friendly smile and sense of humor.

Keep your thoughtful, helpful ways.

Keep on being someone others trust.

If you MUST make New Years resolutions,

resolve to be as kind to yourself as you are to others,

and ____________, make a resolution

to make 20 __  your happiest year ever!

(For this next poem, you will have to supply the memories yourself.  You could also modify this to use for a birthday, anniversary, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, or “thinking of you” greeting.)


Remember the Time…

Remember the time


Remember the time


Remember the time


Let’s make many more beautiful memories.

Happy New Year, ______________!