Caterpillar in a Hurry/ Butterflies & Flowers

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar by from Pexels

Caterpillar in a Hurry

While munching his vegetables,

While munching his vegetables,

is a caterpillar in a hurry

to be a butterfly?

Is he in a rush to drink

nectar from flowers

and give grown-up life a try?

Maybe he just wants to open

his brand new wings…and fly!

Monarch Butterflies on Milkweed

Butterflies & Flowers

What’s more beautiful,

butterflies or the flowers

that give them nectar?

Reprinted from Hanging Out with Wild Animals,

environmentally-themed book series for ages eight to twelve

Copyright© 2019 by Cheryl Batavia


  1. Hi Cheryl, doubt you can copyright reprints … you often need permission to reprint 🙂

    clue #2: We know it’s your blog so more interesting to label each post differently, to give us a clue of the content 🙂

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    1. Kate, thank you for telling me about the blog titles. I fixed them as you suggested. Now they are working as they are supposed to. I am not very “techy” and the learning curve is pretty steep. Your suggestions have been very much appreciated!

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  2. ‘May be he just wants to open his brand new wings’
    Inspiring words with lovely images.
    I love both the butterfly and flowers. Both are distinct and have their own charm. 🙂

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