Warm, Strong Hands

Warm, Strong Hands

I like a man with warm, strong hands,

and I like the way my hand fits yours.

I like a man who thinks deep thoughts,

who talks abstractions

in the middle of the night

in a soothing Southern drawl.

I like to ride around with a man

who drives like he is seventeen,

but has the wisdom of a sage.

I like a man who is a truth-teller,

a man with honor in his eyes.

I like a man who makes me laugh,

who is silly and witty and wicked.

I like a man with warm, strong arms,

and I like the way I feel in yours.

Reprinted from Wonders

Copyright© 2018 by Cheryl Batavia


  1. Thank you Cheryl, your words reached out to me and reminded me of the similar things my wife says to me.
    Sometimes in this world of the modern media, people forget the power of words.
    Thank you for reminding me.

    Best Wishes


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  2. Thank you, Kevin, for reading my poems and for your kind comments. If your wife says similar things to you, you must be an outstanding husband!

    Stay safe and happy! Continue to bring joy to the world with beautiful food! The coronavirus will not last forever.




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