Cicada, Cicada!

Adult Cicada, photo by Dan Keck, Pixabay

Cicada, Cicada!

For seventeen years,

You’ve been asleep.

Now, what kind of

schedule is that to keep?

Cicada, cicada,

you’ve slept too long!

Come out of your shell

and sing your song!

You’re sure to enjoy

the warm summer night.

Come out, Cicada…

Enjoy your first flight!

Empty Cicada Shell, photo by Yukie Chen from Pixabay

Many types of cicadas live in eastern North America. They are harmless herbivores. Eggs, laid in the bark of a tree, hatch into nymphs that burrow into the ground. They stay buried from one to 17 years, depending on the species. The entire group emerge from their shells at the same time, find mates, and lay their eggs. Only the males have a mating “song” made by vibrating a membrane on their abdomen. Their “chorus” adds music to the summer nights.

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia


    1. The cicada chorus is a beautiful sound that I had not heard since I left Virginia in1995. We moved a few miles inland this year. Now cicadas sing in our back yard here in South Florida. I hope you hear it one day. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my poem. I am pleased you like it.

      Take care. Cheryl

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  1. a delightful tribute to a chirpy critter … love their song and sadly used to collect them as a child but they were always set free a few hours later … loved their song and guess it was an excuse to climb the trees 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Kritika. I am happy the poem brought back childhood memories. As adults, we sometimes forget the delight in our everyday lives. As I told you previously, I think you hear the music of nature. And I think you feel child-like joy. Always continue to be mindful. You have a great gift! Cheryl



    1. It’s my pleasure ma’am. Your poem is so!that’s nice.
      Yes,it’s going great.i hope yours is going well also. Thanks for asking.
      Right back at you! Be happy and stay safe
      Heaps of love

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