Peaceful Manatee

Manatee Cow and Calf, Crystal River, Florida, photo by Janos, Adobe Stock Photos

Peaceful Manatee

Peaceful manatee

grazing in Crystal River,

suckling your calf.

Friendly manatee,

Red Tide and boat propellers

are lurking dangers.

Playful manatee,

wintering in the hot springs,

hanging out with friends.

Manatee in Crystal River, Florida, photo by Janos from Adobe Stock Photos

Threatened manatee

swimming in warm Gulf waters…

Keep away from harm!

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia

West Indian Manatees, distant relatives of elephants, are found in the Southeastern United States. Antillian Manatees live in Central and South America. Another species is the African Manatee.


  1. The one beautiful thing about the world’s present pandemic situation… is that our wonderful creatures, are not affected by the virus…. I find that to be quite ironic …. considering the terrible way we have treating Mother Nature during these so called “modern” advanced times….

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    1. Thank you, Msdeddeng for visiting and commenting. Manatees were classified as endangered but recently have been reclassified as threatened. Quite a few of them died in the red tide a couple of years ago. along with hundreds of endangered sea turtles. Have you ever seen an African manatee? Take care. Cheryl

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    1. Suzzanne, thank you for your kind comments and good wishes. At least we seem not to have had a wave of red tide this year! So many endangered animals died last time…manatees, sea turtles…as well as fish and dolphins.

      All the best! ❤ 🙂



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