Rising from the Ashes

Photo by Andonyi Gabor from Pexels

Rising from the Ashes

Consumed by the heat of your body,

like the firebird,

I rise from the ashes.

Seduced by the powers of your mind,

I recreate myself

and fly away with you.

Reprinted from Wonders

Copyright© 2018 by Cheryl Batavia


    1. I was thinking of the Greek myth when I wrote the poem, but your comment intrigued me. I looked up “phoenix” and “firebird” and found that it is common to Egyptian, Greek, Slavic, Norse, Russian, Tibetan, Chinese… mythology and Hindu and Christian religions! Phoenix, Arizona, cars, ballets, classical and jazz music, sports teams…are named after it. The mythology and things named for the firebird seem to be very widespread!

      Thank you for your kind and thought-provoking comment. I am glad you liked the poem. I hope you are having a great day! Cheryl

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  1. Thank you, Kate, for your kind comment. “volatile relationship” Ha, Ha! Too funny! It was a relationship of many years ago that was interesting while it lasted, but didn’t work out! I guess most people have been there.

    My books are self-published. I have not experienced any great commercial success. Of course, that was not my main motivation. I wanted to leave a legacy as a teacher and for my children.

    I hope all is well. Cheryl

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    1. well it’s good to have it all together and neat, I’m sure they will appreciate it and maybe they will make the fortune from them after your gone … but better if it happened this life 🙂

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