Beauty Berries

Female Cardinal
Male Cardinal

Photos by Joshua J. Cotten from Unsplash

Beauty Berries, Photo by Cheryl Batavia

Beauty Berries

Cardinal perches, so alive,

atop a beauty berry bush,

fluffing feathers, bright-eyed,

she surveys the bounty.

Clustered along the branches,

green pearls ripening

to plump, shiny berries…

magenta meals for birds.

Fuzzy leaves fading

at summers end,

reveal beauty berries

in all their autumn splendor.

Echoing in the woods beyond,

cardinals are calling…

rippling silver songs

of unadulterated joy!

Copyright 2020 by Cheryl Batavia


  1. That poem is so easy flowing and so beautiful Cheryl ❀️ I could visualise the beauty of those ripened berries and the bird songs in the air. I came to know of two species today, Cardinals and beauty berries and both are so beautiful 😍

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  2. Are those berries real? I have never seen those before, and are they so pretty or what?
    Nice shore of the cardinals; don’t you just love the contrast in colors between the male and female?



    1. Thank you, Angela, for your thoughtful comments. The beauty berries grow in the woods behind our house. In the spring there are fragrant pale lilac flowers the bees like.

      I have always been fascinated by cardinals and the different colors of males and females. Cardinals are the dominant songbirds in our immediate neighborhood, which is mostly empty wooded lots. In our old neighborhood, I always enjoyed the mockingbirds. I don’t know if you have them in California, but they imitate the songs in the area where they live. We have mockingbirds here too, if you walk a few blocks.

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      1. Your neighborhood sounds so alive!
        We don’t have cardinals in southern California (I saw them in Arizona, and Kauai), but we do have mockingbirds, and I am always amazed by the number of different songs they are able to sing. Just wonderful overall!
        Take care, and enjoy your Sunday. πŸ™‚

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