Great Discoveries of Love

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction, Photo by Hikarinoshita Hikari from Unsplash

Great Discoveries of Love

Like Galileo looking at stars and planets

through his telescope,

I see the light in your eyes.

Just as dinosaur bones are found

buried in rock strata,

we discover a love as old as time.

Dinosaur skeleton, Photo by Adam Mathieu from Unsplash

Like Gregor Mendel’s

cross-pollinated peas,

our love is expressed in varied colors.

Just as Leeuwenhoek found the miracle

of microscopic life in pond water,

we find life’s wonders in ordinary things.

Photo of Earth from Space, Courtesy of The National Library Association from Unsplash

As cosmonaut Valentina Tereskova

explored outer space,

we explore the inner spaces of our minds.

Like the “forty-niners”

mining for gold in California,

I find my treasures in your heart.

Mathamas Gandhi Leads a March, 1930, Photo by WikiImages from Pixabay

As Gandhi changed the world

through nonviolent means,

we live in peace.

Nurse giving an injection, Photo courtesy of Centers for Disease Control from Unsplash

As Florence Nightingale

made hospitals survivable,

we take care of each other.

Oil from wells in Titusville

brought new energy to the world,

Likewise, you energize me.

Divers, Photo by Eduardo Nascimento from Unsplash

Like Jaques Cousteau,

diving deep into the oceans,

we explore the depths of feeling.

View of Mount Everest, Namche, Nepal, Photo by Ananya Bilimale from Unsplash

As Sir Edmund Hillary’s expedition

climbed to the peak of Everest,

we climb the heights of inspiration.

The Lost City of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, Naples, Italy, Photo by Denise Jones from Unsplash

Even as Pompeii

was buried by Vesuvius,

we will soon be buried.

I hope, when we are discovered

under the ash and hardened lava,

I will still be holding your hand.

CopyrightΒ© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia


  1. So beautiful Cheryl reminding us that through the age of time we all need a hand to hold through our daily lives no matter where we’ve been and where we are going. Good to see you and have a great Day! β€οΈπŸ€— Thanks for the beautiful read this morning. ❀️ Cindy

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      1. I hope my comment went through Cheryl! But just in case it didn’t, I truly did enjoy it. let’s keep our fingers crossed we don’t have any more fires!!! It’s so great we are ok for the moment!!! πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ€—β€οΈ Cindy

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    1. Thank you, Pene, for sharing your kind response! ❀ You are correct about the depth of emotion. I wrote it for Robert, and I think he was very pleased, since historical and scientific topics are what we often discuss. πŸ™‚

      I hope all is well with you. Stay safe and be happy!

      Cheryl ❀ ❀ ❀

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  2. Your lovely poem shows why love is as beautiful as it is, drawing inspiration from everything that is beautiful and timeless, it becomes lovely and timeless itself!

    I find a new inspiration from each of your beautiful writings Cheryl, a new learning everyday πŸ’–

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    1. Thank you, Michel for your delightful and perceptive comments. Science and poetry do go well together…Touche, Michel!

      I included the French explorer, Jaques Cousteau, with you in mind. I used to faithfully watch his show on TV and found it fascinating. πŸ™‚

      I hope you and Janine are well and happy.

      Love, Cheryl ❀



  3. I love your beautiful love poem! Your great analogies are a science lesson for us.

    Loved this one….
    Like Gregor Mendel’s
    cross-pollinated peas,
    our love is expressed in varied colors.

    The ending was perfect!

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  4. Love is a many splendid thing….

    Where Is Love?

    Behind every word
    There is a thought
    Between every thought
    There is an emotion
    Underneath the emotion
    There is a heartbeat
    Below the heartbeat
    There is a soul
    Within the soul
    There lives love

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  5. These words are wonderful and touch the heart, Cheryl.
    Because there are many people who ask themselves: Does true love exist that lasts forever?
    I say yes. When everyone cultivates their partnership and solves the small or large hurdles together.
    Then love can be there for a very long time.
    I hope you have many beautiful days ahead, Cheryl β™₯️β™₯οΈπŸ’πŸ’.
    Rosie from Germany

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      1. I’m keeping well thanks to the kindness of the vast majority of our wee country, and the grace of God to keep lifting me up when I fall. I hope you are well too! β™₯

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  6. This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for writing and sharing such a beautiful piece of writing, Cheryl ❀️ It gives one hope and inspires no end… I so want to write your poem on a piece of paper and keep it safe inside a diary so that I can read it often and freshen the joy of falling and being in love🌼 Also, I pray that the love that you and your significant other have for each other stays ever so sweet and marvelous 😊

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