How Do You Spell Merry Christmas?

Santa by Tima Miroshni from Pexels

How Do You Spell Merry Christmas?


Manger scenes telling the Christmas Story

Exchanging gifts with friends and family

Relatives and friends visiting

Remembering to hang your stocking

Yummy food in December

Christmas Pageants with lines to remember

Hanging mistletoe up high

Reindeer flying across the sky

Invitations to parties and balls

Singing Yuletide carols

Trees we decorate

Making cookies and cakes

Advent wreaths with candles

Santa and his elves

Christmas Eve, Photo by Vicki Yde from Unsplash

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia

The acrostic is an old fashioned staple of school and Sunday school programs. Each child holds up a letter and recites his “piece.” The letters often spell MOTHER for Mothers Day, HAPPY THANKSGIVING or MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Christmas Wreath, photo by Cheryl Batavia

Merry Christmas!


  1. It’s wonderful how you still educate Cheryl, through beautiful lessons softly delivered though lovely poems and fascinating stories, and heartening how we are still not too old to learn 🙂
    And it’s very kind of you to provide the background with each post. Helps immensely more to understand fully. Acrostic for example, a new learning for today.
    Wish you and Robert a magical season of festivities this Christmas Cheryl 💖 may the joys overflow.

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    1. Michel, I am so pleased that you like the acrostic and photos.” Noel” is also widely used in English. English speakers owe a great debt to the French for many words we use. We also owe a great debt to the French for the enlightenment principles on which our country was founded and for military aid during our American Revolution. ❤
      I hope you and your family are having a great holiday season. 🙂 Joyeux Noel!
      Love, ❤

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  2. We wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors, you will be great! Life is filled with unexpected adventures. As you continue to move on in life and face new events, adventures, and challenges, we all wish you the best of luck. Good luck to you as you continue to learn and grow as an adult.
    I wish you the very best merry Christmas 🎄🌹

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