1. Thank you, Moulina, for your kind comment. Many cultures celebrate with lights at this of year The Jewish Festival of Lights, Hannukah, and Christmas both feature lights prominently. in their celebrations. Hope your holiday is joyous! ❀

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      2. Yes, it is quite a unity in diversity! Like festivals of light around the world, how I wonder that the spooky theme is also common in many cultures! Like it was Halloween 2 days ago, tomorrow Hindu Halloween (Bhut Chaturdashi, i.e., spooky 14th day of the fortnight) will be celebrated by lighting 14 oil lamps in every house here.
        You too have a great holiday Cheryl! Much love.

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      1. This time of the year is full of festivals. We celebrated Bhai phota(Bhai Dooz) a day after Diwali in which sisters apply sandalwood paste tika on the forehead of their brothers. Now we are observing Chhat Puja in which we worship Son God and seek His blessings. So the festival time is continuing!!😊❀

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