Two Poems: Storm Clouds & Sunbeams

Storm over Tampa Bay, Florida. Photo by Artturi Jalli from Unsplash.

Storm Clouds

Storm clouds

foster fears.

I view this world

through a veil of tears.

Loss of courage,

lack of trust.

Ashes to ashes,

Dust to dust.

Sunbeams. Photo by Pawel Czerwinski from Unsplash.


Bright hopes

shine anew.

I view the clouds with

sunlight breaking through.

Summoning courage,

building trust.

Living joyfully

until I’m dust.

CopyrightΒ© 2022 by Cheryl Batavia


    1. Thank you, Ivor, for your lovely response. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. The thing is, I sometimes feel both ways at once when I think of the war in Ukraine. The suffering and cruelty are horrific, but the spirit and courage ar the Ukrainian people are inspiring. Yes, we can never give up hope! ❀ Take care, Ivor!

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  1. The darkness in life is beautifully expressed, Cheryl, and the brightness in life reflects on encouragement and hope. Your contrasting poems send a clear message. Have a great week ahead! ❀️

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  2. I appreciate your sense of making the two contrasting aspects into something so realistic. The situation may be bad, but we shouldn’t lose hope. This is really inspiring, Cheryl. Loved it.πŸ’–πŸ’

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    1. Thank you, Punam for sharing your thoughts. Your support is very much appreciated. Yes, I believe you are right…it is a matter of perspective. πŸ™‚

      With regard to the war in Ukraine, I find myself feeling sad for the destruction and death and, at the same time, heartened by the bravery of everyday Ukrainians defending their country. ❀

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    1. Thank you, Kate, for sharing your feelings. I am feeling both at once, as I did when my husband died twenty years ago. I am grieving for the suffering and death, in awe of the courage of the Ukrainian people fighting for their country.

      Whatever we are doing, whatever else is happening, the war in Ukraine is always on my mind. My Ukrainian next- door-neighbors have family members still in Ukraine, her mother and brothers. I hope they are still okay.

      Take care, Kate. ❀

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  3. In agreement with many of the comments above – a great example of perspectives – glass half full, half empty, yang and the um. Best bet is to put your trust in the fact the stormy clouds always end up relenting to sunlight. Great poems – nice selection on the images as well.

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  4. I always wonder on why don’t we see beauty in the storm and always encourage the bright sun light. Though I admire both and I consider balance to be of at most importance.
    Its just my thought. I really love the way you connected the poetry with the war and hope. Much of distress caused by humans itself. Shaking the earth leaving no hope alive. 😦

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      1. Thank you, Kritika, for your thoughtful response. I have written a few poems showing storms in a positive light. The storm and sunshine are just familiar metaphors to use in this post. Thunderstorms are beneficial to the environment. I think they help to enrich the soil and refresh the air. As for your wish, I think we all feel that way. I am not very patient, and this situation is intolerable! All the best! ❀ ❀ ❀

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