Spider’s Psychedelic Masterpiece

This morning I was mesmerized by a spider web constructed very much like this one. Photo by Alexy Demidov from Pexels.

Spider’s Psychedelic Masterpiece

Suspended in space,

densely coiled gossamer disk,

buoyant in the breeze.

Pulsating neon colors

iridescent in sunshine.

In the morning sunshine, each damp strand of the spider’s web became a tiny prism, shimmering in the breeze. The colors of the web were vivid like those in this soap bubble. As the web dried, the colors slowly faded. I wish I could have captured the moment in a photo. Maybe one of the photographers out there has such a photo. I found only pastel-colored webs online.

Copyright© 2022 by Cheryl Batavia


  1. It’s a lovely thing, those spider webs. I’ve seen them — the ones you describe. It’s hard to capture really so don’t feel bad. Thanks for making the ordinary so extraordinary. Be well, friend. Blessings.

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  2. It’s amazing the amount of work a spider does each day (whenever time they spin them) in this activity – Have you seen the Golden Orb webs? They have the usual web foundation then interweave ladderback in each section. Yes, they are large webs, and, they are larger spiders. I first encountered one when we moved here to SC – one guy was determined to weave his territory between our house and the neighbors side yards…incredible!
    Oh and you captured in words the wonder of it all.

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    1. I don’t believe I have ever seen a golden orb web. It sounds amazing and a little scary! The spider who made the web I saw was very small. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your kind comment means a lot to me. ❤ Have a great day, Laura!

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  3. The sight was truly worth seeing. You have captured those moments well in your verses. Well done, Cheryl. But one thing I confess. Whenever I see a spider, I think of Bruce and his story.

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      1. After getting defeated by the English, Robert Bruce, the King of Scots hid himself in a cave, where he saw a spider on wall trying time and again to spin its web. It rose to start again every time the spider fell. So Bruce told himself, “if a little spider can do, why not me? I’ll fight and win.” So he fought and became victorious against the King of England. That’s the inspirational story I had read during my childhood.

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  4. what a wondrous vision Cheryl … the most magical webs I’ve seen were near my family home where the ‘yellow orbs’ spun huge symmetrical webs between fence wire and power lines, then the early morning dew that transformed them into dancing jewelled baubles … sheer magic for about a kilometre!

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    1. That sounds like a very beautiful and impressive sight, Kate! 🙂 The spider also must be very large. The web I saw was quite small but was suspended for some distance from the house roof to the porch roof. Spiders are amazing, one of the marvels of nature! Thank you for sharing about the giant dewy webs near your family home! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  5. Hi Cheryl,

    Some patterns of the nature are interesting to explore, like this spider web. You expressed it well. 👏👏

    You can use your phone to click the pictures. Try it.

    1. Choose a subject.
    2. Open by default camera app on your phone.
    3. Focus straight and closely.
    4. Click 4 to 5 pictures.
    5. Choose the best one.
    6. Write a few lines on it.
    7. Publish the complete post on your blog.

    Thank you. Best wishes.

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