Auras of a Proud People:

An Allegory

Photo by N Suma from Unsplash

Auras of a Proud People:

an Allegory

A heroic leader had inspired his people to fight valiantly to save their homeland from takeover by a much larger aggressor. That leader, Peter, was heartened by the bravery of his people and by their remarkable victory, but all around him, he saw the tragic devastation of his beloved country. Peter was deeply saddened by the suffering of all of those who had been wounded or who had lost their lives in the fighting. He wanted to help rebuild his country and bring the refugees home.

One night, Peter, in low spirits and exhausted, fell asleep and began to dream. In his dream, he was sitting on a park bench among green trees and fountains when he noticed that a very old man was watching him intently from a nearby bench. Peter smiled kindly at the old man. “How are you today, friend?” he inquired.

The old man, in a strong, quiet voice replied, “The sun is shining, and our country is free. I have survived on this earth for one hundred years, so I am doing well, but I see profound sadness in your eyes.”

Peter replied, “I, too, am overjoyed that our country is free, but I grieve for the many courageous men and women, and even innocent children, who have died or been injured. Our country is in ruins, and we need outstanding people to rebuild it, people of vision, skill, and determination.”

The old man’s face began to glow, and auras of purple, pink, green, blue, and white outlined his aged body. “You are a good man, Peter,” he said. “Tomorrow, when you awaken, I promise you that you will be able to find the people you need to fulfill every task.”

The old man rose to leave. “Who are you?” Peter inquired, but the old man did not reply. He smiled, then turned and walked away. That night, Peter enjoyed a deep, restful sleep. When he awoke, he went out into the street.

As he walked around the city, Peter was astonished to see that all the people he encountered were surrounded by bright auras of many colors. He went looking for the beautiful park with the green trees and fountains where he had talked to the aged man, but he could not find it.

Finally, Peter sat down under the cool shade of a tree and fell asleep. Soon, the hundred-year-old man appeared and sat on the green grass nearby, waiting for Peter to finish his nap. Gently, the wise old man spoke to Peter, “Peter,” he said, “You now have the gift of seeing auras, the colorful energy fields that surround all living things.”

“That is wonderful!” answered Peter with a smile, but how can that help to rebuild our country?”

The old man returned Peter’s smile and began his explanation, “If you need a person of imagination and creativity, look for someone with an orange aura.”

“Green and pink are colors of the heart. If you need someone with empathy and compassion, look for a person who has an aura of green or pink.”

A blue aura is the sign of a powerful mind. A person with a blue aura possesses unusual intelligence and insight.”

“If you are seeking someone endowed with confidence and charisma, choose a person with a yellow aura.”

“A purple aura signifies empathy, intuition, sensitivity, and great emotional depth.”

“If you meet a person with a red aura, you have found an individual who exemplifies honesty and boundless energy. That person has a burning desire to be the best at whatever he does.”

“A white aura, though rare, is evidence of a quick mind. People with white auras are in touch with universal energy and oneness and have a strong connection to something greater than themselves.”

“Beware of black or very dark auras. They are associated with fatigue, stress, depression, and mental illness,” the old man said, concluding his instruction on a cautionary note.

Then Peter began to speak,”When I was walking around the city today, I saw many people with bright, multicolored auras. Why do some people have auras made up of such an array of colors?”

The aged man’s face glowed, and a colorful aura shone all around him. He said nothing, only smiled and rose to go.

“”Friend, asked Peter, “can you stay and help us meet the great challenges that lie ahead? At least have some supper with me. We can sit and talk, and you can share with me some wise advice.”

The old man only smiled one last time and disappeared into the distance.

As Peter walked home through the streets of the battered city, he noticed many people with colorful auras. He began to feel that so many capable people working together could surely rebuild their country. Although the task was monumental, he was sure their efforts would result in a glorious success!

As Peter stepped into his home, he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the hall mirror. He saw a man surrounded by a shimmering rainbow-colored aura, and he was suddenly filled with confidence!

It may be that Peter saw the one-hundred-year-old man and all the colorful auras only in his dreams, but history will record the very real accomplishments of Peter and his people. They banded together, fought bravely, and saved their country from a powerful empire-building invader. From the rubble of war, they rebuilt their homeland better than before.

Today, the sun shines bright on the rippling fields of wheat and the green forests of a free and independent nation. There are cozy homes, excellent schools, renowned universities, beautiful houses of worship, state-of-the-art hospitals, well-stocked libraries, magnificent museums, and impressive public buildings. Businesses prosper, and ships come and go at the bustling ports. New airplanes fly in and out of modern airports.

Happy children laugh and play once more in playgrounds and parks. At school, they study hard to learn the skills they need for a successful future. People enjoy an abundant life with healthful food, comfortable clothes, convenient transportation, reliable independent media, and quality entertainment.

Peter and his fellow citizens are a proud people. Their love of country, courage, and devotion to democracy will forever be legendary!

CopyrightΒ© 2022 by Cheryl Batavia

Update: On the day before it was scheduled, Robert’s outpatient surgery was rescheduled! He is doing OK. I will let you know more in a couple of weeks. ❀


  1. Oh dear Cheryl … I cried tears of joy as I read your wondrous story, and your lovely positive words eased the pain in my chest, that has hung over heart this year … thank you my friend … ((and may Robert’s rcovery be positive too))

    Liked by 7 people


    1. Haha, David. Your comment made me laugh out loud! πŸ™‚ I know I am usually pretty direct.

      I still have hope that the carnage will end, and both countries involved will recover from their suffering. What do you think?



  2. What a beautiful story, full of optimism, positivity and inspiration. This is what should be in reality. Thank you so much, Cheryl for this story. All the best wishes for Robert πŸ‘πŸ’πŸ’–

    Liked by 4 people


    1. Thank you so much, Cindy, for your kind words. ❀ Glad you like the story. Robert is feeling better. The surgery was postponed at the last minute, but I think the surgery will be easier for him now that he is in a less acute phase. Thank you, Cindy, for your good wishes.

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  3. Hi Cheryl,

    We have access to the fast internet. And we’re able to read, write and appreciate our stories.

    A huge number of people across the world struggling to β€œshare their voice”.

    I want to point out this important issue which corporate media lacks.

    We need to more independent individual stories.

    Peter’s story is easy to understand. I quickly sensed the context.

    It’s an interesting story.

    The stories we tell should inform and inspire people.

    How we’ll check this? How we’ll calculate the outcomes?

    We need to think about it.

    Thank you for the post. . .✍️
    Take care of you & your family.😊

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    1. Thank you so much, Lokesh, for sharing your thoughts and insights. I agree that writing should be meaningful. I am happy that you connected with this story. As a student of history, you are always finding insights that can be applied to create a brighter future. I believe you are and will be a positive voice for your generation. You also take care. ❀

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    1. Thank you, Michelle. I am glad you enjoyed the story. I am not sure the information on auras is correct. I looked up several sites online for the information. I know nothing about auras, but I enjoy color theories, so found it interesting. ❀

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    1. It makes me happy that you felt the story comforting, JoAnna. πŸ™‚ I needed some comfort too. It is devastating to watch atrocities, destruction, and violence without being able to do much of anything about it. It seems that hope is the best we can do! ❀

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