Man of My Dreams

Robert Snyder. Photo by Cheryl Batavia.

Man of My Dreams

Wise like a hundred-year-old oak

growing in front of the county courthouse,

witness to the comings and goings

of humankind, a student of history.

Live oak tree. Photo by Iris4me from Pixabay.

Mind as nimble as an otter playing

“now you see me, now you don’t”

among the plants, above and below

the surface of the water.

Otter. Photo by Andreas Schanti from Unsplash.

Honest and forthright as a dandelion

springing up in a manicured lawn,

never pretending

to be a lily or a rose.

Dandelion. Photo by Jan Ledermann from Unsplash.

Conscientious like a honeybee

gathering nectar from summer flowers,

nourishment to sustain the hive

when winter fields lie fallow.

Photo by Michael Coltman from Unsplash.

Playful as a kitten high on catnip

unraveling a ball of string.

Peaceable as a sleeping puppy

with a tummy full of mother’s milk.

Photo by Natalie Spehner from Unsplash.

Reassuring and comforting

like the cycles of the moon.

Warm and loving

like the morning sunshine.

Copyright© 2022 by Cheryl Batavia

❤ Happy 74th Birthday, Robert! ❤

Robert is making steady progress after his pacemaker surgery twelve days ago. The strips of tape sealing the incision will come off in two more days. We thank everyone for your good wishes and encouraging words. ❤


  1. Lovely words with lovely pictures for a lovely person! Excellent, Cheryl! A very happy birthday to the sweet man, Robert! All the best to this sweetest couple! 🎂🎉💐❤️🙏

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  2. What a wonderful treasure chest full of qualities! I especially like the comparison of a dandelion springing up in a manicured lawn. Those dandelions are as beautiful and tenacious. Happy Birthday, Robert!

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  3. How I adore this. Wish I had written it about my husband. Thanks. Bless all these dandelions who don’t pretend to be anything else but what they are. Their souls are luminous and they are everywhere sitting where anyone can see them but “they” are looking for scented roses and so step on the precious dandelions.
    Aww. You squeezed my heart just so with this one, Cheryl. I so resonate with it. I
    Actually I just wrote a similar one with my beloved as my model: his hands are warm, his hands are warms.
    Bless you. XoXo and him too XoXo

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    1. This lovely comment is a wonderful and encouraging start to my day, Selma! It makes me happy that you find it relatable. I am happy for you that you have a dandelion in your life as well. I will look for your poem on your blog. ❤ ❤ ❤ Wishing you many happy years with your beloved!



  4. Happy Birthday Robert and what a beautiful poem to celebrate him with Cheryl. My love and wishes are with you both and celebrate this great news. My BIL is about the same out and he’s feeling better with his.. Yayyyyy 💪🏼🙌🏽🙏🏼💗

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      1. I’ve read about the extreme damage and flooding on your side of the world. I’m so sorry to hear Cheryl , how are you and your loved ones? Sending big comforting hugs your way🤗❣️

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    1. Great to hear from you, Kritika! You have been in my thoughts, and I often wonder how things are going for you.

      I am behind on WordPress due to Hurricane Ian. Our internet was off for a couple of weeks and just came back last night. We are doing well. Thank you for the kind words. ❤

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  5. What an awesomely loving tribute to your man, Happy Birthday Robert!

    My mother really thrived after her pacemaker, it made a huge improvement in many health matters … so I pray that Robert is feeling similar beneficial results 🙂

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  6. What I did to miss this post, Cheryl ? I am sorry to be so late . Probably with some health problem s ( bad ciirculation in my feet ). But it is not an excuse .
    I like your poem singing your love . So beautiful!
    Belated happy birthday to Robert and complete recovery.
    Love ❤

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    1. Thank you, Michel, for your kind words. Glad you like the poem. I hope your circulation is doing better. Robert and I are both doing well. ❤ I have been off the internet for a couple of weeks due to Hurricane Ian. "Never a dull moment!" 🙂
      Love ❤



    1. Hi, Hamish! Good to hear from you! ❤ Things are crazy busy, but we are hanging in there. Robert's daughter is coming for a visit next week. My two daughters and I are going on a road trip to the Florida Everglades in March. We just got our roof replaced because of hurricane damage. Next will be repairing hairline cracks in the walls and some painting.

      Happy 2023! ❤ Hope all is well with you!

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