Fatigue; Time to Take a Break!

Sleeping Hippo. Photo by Tim De Pauw from Unsplash.


Refusing to stop,

counting on powering through;

just keep on going!

What arrogance to ignore

the body’s urgent message!

Living in a fog,

forgetful, disorganized,

zero energy.

What arrogance to ignore

the body’s urgent message!

Copyright© 2023 by Cheryl Batavia

Time to Take a Break!

Stress, medical and dental appointments, health issues…all easily resolved problems, I believe. It’s time to pause and regroup.

I will miss my blogging friends every day. ❤


  1. My Dad was a workaholic and once in a meeting when he was exhorting others to work harder, he made the point that he had not been on vacation in two years. His boss called him arrogant and sent him home on forced vacation.

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  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Life is tiring and less interesting without breaks.
    Seeking the feeling of the need to ‘take a break’ is genuine.
    Enjoy your break!
    Take more time to organize and rediscover yourself!

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