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Follow leaders, but don’t follow blindly.

Disagree with opponents, but do so kindly.

Look critically at different points of view.

Cast your ballot as seems right to you.

After the election, work cooperatively

to build your country and community.

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia

I am reposting this as we are getting close to US election day, and mail-in balloting is about to begin. Cheryl


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There is no relief

in the master of grief,

Ambition who has no soul…

He offers only a goal.

He lashes and goads

into stony roads

of passion and desire

where every step is higher.

Upward go I, though I grieve,

to heights I must achieve.

Ambition’s wanton slave,

I climb toward my grave,

and Ambition, I can swear,

has planned me tasks for there!

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia

A poem written during my high school years. I woke at 4:30 one morning with this poem on my mind, and wrote it down from memory.

Nobody Cares

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Nobody Cares

Nobody shares

my sorrows…

nobody cares!

Nothing repairs

my broken body…

nobody cares

about my pain.

Society tears

my heart out.

Nobody wears

my shoes.

Everyone stares

when I am angry,

everyone glares

when I demand my rights.

Everyone swears

that I am wrong.

Nobody cares

about the law!

Nothing repairs

my broken heart,

no one shares

my lonely nights.

No one dares

to get close to me,

nobody’s there

to dry my tears!

No one cares

about my good intentions,

no one shares

my utopian dreams,

no one dares

to champion my cause.

All my prayers

go unanswered.

Everyone fares

better without me.

Nobody cares!

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia

This poem is an effort to portray the thoughts of a person who suffers from depression. In extreme depression, the person may feel hopeless, that the world is against him, and may be suicidal. Some are suffering from physical pain or are reacting to tragedies in their lives.

I have known two people who commited suicide. One had a wife and young children. One was a middle-aged man who had been an intelligent, popular friend when we were in high school. I have wondered many times what thoughts were in the mind of someone who would take their own life.

What’s this World… Coming to?

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What’s this World Coming to?

Costs today are skyrocketing.

Look how much the plumber’s pocketing!

Technology is changing way too fast!

Let’s continue doing thngs as we did in the past.

Singers today sound like sick cats!

Why do parents let kids dress like that?

Nothing these days is made to last.

Quality and service are things of the past!

You won’t hear me making remarks like this;

I may be over the hill, but I try to resist!

Well, you might hear me say a thing or two,

but only when I’m sure that it’s true!

Reprinted from Life in Inspiring Places

Copyright© 2019 by Cheryl Batavia

This will be the last post for a while. I will be taking a break, doing some computer maintenance, and catching up on neglected tasks. When I return, I will need to reduce computer time to give my eyes more rest. All the best! Stay safe and be happy! ❤ ❤ ❤ Cheryl

Dreamers & Dreams

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Dreamers & Dreams

Infants & Toddlers

An afternoon nap,

learning how to walk and talk,

a warm hug from Mom.


Watch cartoons with Dad,

birthdays and school days,

take care of your pets.

Middle School

Talk on your smart phone,

sleepovers and soccer games,

a new ten-speed bike.

High School

A date to the dance,

college entrance exam grades,

part-time job, first car.


Seeking vocation,

finding the perfect soul-mate,

looking for a job.


Building a career,

establishing a family,

children growing up.

Middle Age

Secure and stable,

serving the community,

children succeeding.

Senior Citizen

Love your grandchildren,

mentor next generation,

work on bucket list.

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia

Fountain of Youth

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Fountain of Youth

Thirty years ago,

I drank from the Fountain of Youth

discovered by Spanish explorer,

Juan Ponce De Leon,

in St. Augustine, Florida.

The only change I noticed

was the taste of sulfur in the water!

My hair continued to turn gray;

the wrinkles deepened in my face.

If there were a Fairy Godmother

granting wishes to all who drink the water

at the Fountain of Youth,

I wouldn’t wish for hair dye

or a face lift or clothes

from the trendy store in the mall.

I wouldn’t ask to be fluent

in the latest slang…

These things can’t bring back youth!

If there were a Fairy Godmother

granting wishes to all who drink the water

at the Fountain of Youth,

I’d ask to have a youthful outlook…

Curiosity to continue learning,

Idealism to envision a better future,

Creativity to express our dreams.

Passion to work for positive change.

Yes, Fairy Godmother,

I wish to THINK young!

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia

Candy Box

Box of Chocolates, Photo by Monique Carrati from Unsplash

Candy Box

A gold foil candy box

was my treasure chest;

candy was a sweet gift,

but the box was the best!

I filled it with love letters

and treasured photos

collected over a period

of five years or so.

I carried the box around

for more than fifty years.

This year, the box fell apart,

and I didn’t shed any tears.

I looked at the photos,

read the letters once more,

put them all in the trash,

and walked out the door.

We moved to our new house,

vowing we’d never move again.

Memories fade, but the photos

and letters are burned on my brain.

I remember a boy with slicked-back

hair and a crooked grin

and a handsome football player

who wanted me to marry him.

Then there was a fearless boy

who helped me learn to drive

and several others who

passed through my life.

I put the box away

when I married at eighteen…

and now the mementos are gone,

but the memories remain.

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia


Rain Clouds by Didgeman from Pixabay


As vapor in clouds

condenses and turns to rain,

so may I adapt.

Dandelion Seeds in Flight, Photo by Bruno from Pixabay

As wind carries seeds

to faraway locations,

let me move forward.

Sprouts, Photo by Alina Kuptsova from Pixabay

As soil welcomes seeds,

may my mind be receptive

to new ideas.

May sunshine relentlessly

enlighten me, mind and soul!

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia

Behind the Scenes

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Behind the Scenes

If I say I made my own luck, it may not be so.

Maybe someone helped me, and I didn’t know.

When I fell on my face, I could have been

sabotaged by someone I thought was my friend.

Though I’ve tried to help my fellow man

and do good deeds whenever I can,

I know I’ve made enemies inadvertently,

and maybe helped others in ways I can’t see.

I’m sure there were times that I was blind

to the needs of others; it weighs on my mind.

I’m sure I wasted energy trying to see

if somebody else was out to get me.

Life’s about making the world a better place;

it’s not about fighting to win the race

to the top of the ladder or to the bank

or sacrificing integrity for power or rank.

I take compliments with a grain of salt,

and being blamed doesn’t mean I’m at fault.

The opinions of others have merit, but…

it’s sometimes better to go with your gut!

If I’m out there seeking a pat on the back,

It may be best to forget about that!

Accolades I receive may not be

the most reliable measure of my humanity.

Reprinted from Life in Inspiring Places

Copyright© 2019 by Cheryl Batavia