Stories from a Retired Teacher

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Stories from a Retired Teacher

A new page is available on this website. It is a collection of brief anecdotes from my teaching career.

Chapters: The Golden Rule, Larceny, Heartwarming Stories, Outrageous!, Teacher Education, Mayhem, Brushes with the Law, Outside Encroachment, More Heartwarming Stories

To access Stories from a Retired Teacher, please click the title on the menu to the left.


  1. I found the story about your 4th grade DC student tracking you down 8 years later very touching.

    I wonder sometimes if the same will happen to me with the students I had in Thailand



    1. Kingston, I am sure your students will never forget you. You may hear from them sometime in the future.

      I want to say thank you again for suggesting that I write about my teaching experiences. I don’t think I would have written it otherwise.

      I hope you are surviving life on the farm OK.




      1. Your welcome Cheryl, I love to touch lives and make an impact whether they are close at hand or far and abroad. It’s the biggest splash in the shortest amount of time I refer to.

        I’m glad I had a positive impact on yours

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    1. Murali, you are the first one to make a comment on my blog. I very much appreciate your ongoing support and enjoy reading what you have written. Thank you for nominating me for an award, but I respectfully decline. I don’t wish to compete at this stage of my life…just enjoy the journey and interact with like-minded people. It means a lot to me. Take care. Cheryl

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