World View

World View

If I know myself,

my self-concept is not based

on what others say.

If I am honest,

I won’t waste my potential

deceiving myself.

Having confidence,

I approach life with courage,

not averse to risk.

Having self respect,

I won’t lower myself

showing others disrespect.

If I love justice,

I won’t elevate myself

keeping others down.

If I love myself,

I find it easier to

love my fellow man.

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia


    1. Thank you, Kritika for reading my poem. I am glad you like it. I will try to paint, but right now this blog takes most of my time and effort. I am doing Ok. I guess it just takes time. I hope all is well with you. Cheryl



      1. I can understand. Take your time. You are learning a new skill. Will take time to catch up. All the very best. 👍
        Doing okay as of now. Hoping for the best. 🌻🌷

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