White Pelican Island

White Pelican Island in the Gasparilla Sound near Boca Grande, photo by Cheryl Batavia

White Pelican Island

Everywhere in Florida

you see brown pelicans…

They are frequently-observed,

year-round residents .

The more reclusive white pelicans

appear in fall and winter

at White Pelican Island and other

secluded Florida locations!

Photo of Brown Pelicans from Adobe Stock

During the winter season,

white pelicans migrate from

Louisiana to their second home,

White Pelican Island

in the Gasparilla Sound.

White Pelicans on Sanibel Island, photo by Diane Gainforth from Pixabay

Why do white pelicans migrate to

Florida, brown pelican territority?

Maybe, like human”snowbirds,”

they just like the warmer weather!

Copyright© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia


  1. Posts are looking amazing with pictures in between. 👍
    I think you are right. They might also be wanting a warm weather like humans. Beautiful they look to be.

    Hope you are doing well. 😊

    Liked by 2 people


      1. Yes, it would be fun to do this with you! There are also manatees and many tropical birds to see on this boat ride. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I am glad you are doing well. cheryl


    1. Thank you, Kate, for reading my poems. I am glad you liked this one. Interesting how very similar animals differ. I believe our white pelicans have black flight feathers, which are not visible when their wings are folded.

      The brown pelicans work alone. They fly high above the water searching for fish, then dive straight down to catch one. The white pelicans work together, flying just above the water and herding the fish. I will do a little research to learn more about Australian pelicans. They sound interesting. Take care. Cheryl

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