Skunk, Tough Guy

Photo of Skunk by Bryan Padron from Unsplash

Skunk, Tough Guy

The skunk is the tough guy

of the American woods.

Black and white fur is a

warning well-understood.

A skunk can spray about ten feet.

You can smell it for miles

driving down the street.

Intimidated by his stinky spray,

when he stomps and hisses,

even bears back away!

Skunks at Their Den, photo by Bryan Padron from Unsplash

Except great horned owls,

skunks have little to fear.

Skunks eat ‘most anything

and live ‘most anywhere.

Insects, salamanders, moles

…their diet varies;

for desert, skunks love

sweet, juicy berries.

Immune to snake venom,

They eat rattlesnake meat.

With fur to protect them,

bees and wasps are a treat.

Spotted Skunk, photo by Bryan Padron from Unsplash

If you ever crowd a skunk,

don’t be surprised

if this tough guy sprays you,

and you’re ostracized.

Soap and tomato juice

won’t make ammends;

you’ll be kept at a distance

by all of your friends.

You’ll have time for your

smart phone, TV, and tunes.

No need to worry…

You’ll smell better soon!

Reprinted from Hanging Out with Wild Animals III

an environmentally-themed book series for ages eight to twelve

Copyright© 2019 by Cheryl Batavia


  1. Hilarious. This tough guy skunk has a good way to protect himself. 😜
    I can actually get the feel of the stinky smell of his. Ill keep a lot away from it once I get to know it is near.

    Liked by 2 people


    1. Thank you, Ridhika, for your kind comments. One morning my grandmother opened the cereal box and out came two baby skunks. That was TOO MUCH, and she made my father release his pets! 🙂 Stay safe and be happy! Cheryl



    1. Glad you enjoyed the poem, Anisha! Thank you for your generous comments!

      My father used to “play hookey” from school or go to school smelling of skunk. He smelled so bad, the teacher would send him home. He would spend the day roaming the woods and joyfully swimming in the creek, even in the winter, and generally enjoying his freedom. Eventually, the teacher got wise and made him sit in the hall to do his work! 🙂 As children, we used to enjoy hearing his stories about his childhood.

      Be safe and happy! Cheryl



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