Tropical Storm Marco

Morning View from My Window, Photo by Cheryl Batavia

Tropical Storm Marco

Bright Florida dawn.

Sun streaming in the windows…

Marco expected.

After morning tea,

comes tropical storm Marco,

gray sky and breezy.

Reading my emails.

Suddenly I realize…

it’s sunny again!

Preparing my lunch.

Wind! Sheets of silvery rain…

Marco blowing through!

Late afternoon sun…

Louisiana awaits

Marco’s arrival.

CopyrightΒ© 2020 by Cheryl Batavia


    1. Murali, Thank you for your kind comment! I am glad you liked the poem. I have been through a few hurricanes, and they are no joke! I just wish they all turned to such gentle tropical storms as Marco, which came through yesterday. I also hope you are doing well. All the best! ❀ Cheryl

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  1. We are fine, Eliza. This was a very pleasant, gentle storm, not like the Hurricanes we have sometimes. The way you can tell it’s not an ordinary storm is that it comes in “bands” of sunshine alternating with wind and rain. Watching it was interesting.

    Thank you for visiting my site and reading. I hope you liked the poem ❀ πŸ™‚ All the best! Cheryl

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      1. Thank you, Eliza, for your concern. I have only experienced a few hurricanes since I moved to Florida in 1995. We lost power for a few days a couple of times. One hurricane blew some roof tiles off, but insurance covered the repairs. Hurricane season will be pretty much over by October. We’ll cross our fingers and hope for the best! πŸ™‚

        Thank you for your kind comments. I am happy you liked the poem. All the best! Cheryl ❀ ❀

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  2. Kate, I am glad you like the view. I spent an hour looking for a photo this morning before getting fed up and taking it myself! The forecasts have gotten pretty good. They called for maximum winds of 18 MPH for Marco. I think it was even less when it got to us. I hope all is well with you! ❀ Cheryl

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    1. Oh, Laura, I hope it doesn’t amount to anything!!! Can you imagine trying to social distance while living in a shelter in a school or library? Hurricane season is usually pretty well over by October. It would be nice if we could get through it unscathed this year! Thank you for visiting my site and commenting on the poem. Take care, Cheryl

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    1. Yes, Kritika, it was delightful to watch Marco. It seems that Hurricane Laura did a lot of damage in Louisiana today. I feel for those affected. Wish all storms were like Marco!

      Thank you, Kritika, for sharing your thoughts, and I am happy that you liked the poem. ❀ Cheryl

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    1. Thank you, Narayan, for reading and commenting. ❀ Yes, I cherish that view. We live in a neighborhood with many empty wooded lots and abundant wildlife. More houses are being built, not too fast, I hope. We tried to buy the lot in the picture, but the owners bought at the top of the market and want about 5 times the going rate. Maybe it will stay wooded for a while! πŸ™‚ All the best! Cheryl

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  3. We enjoy a very simple life, Narayan. We are both in our seventies, retired, and living on Social Security. We sold our home near the beach this year and bought this house because we both got very sick from red tide and needed to move inland. Then Covid 19 arrived! I am recovering from a several month-long illness which my doctor now thinks was undiagnosed Covid 19… no fever or respiratory problems.

    I know India has also been hit especially hard by the pandemic. The suffering is worldwide. We stay home as much as possible and try to enjoy the simple pleasures and each other’s company. The woods, wildlife, and wildflowers are a great comfort to us. I am glad you enjoyed the photo. πŸ™‚

    During the housing bubble about 10-15 years ago, many localities planned development, built roads, and started to build houses. Then came the crash. Property values plummeted, and building was at a virtual standstill. Many neighborhoods, like ours, are still mostly empty wooded lots. Some building has started again in the last couple of years, but it is hard to say how much Covid19 will hurt development.

    We will hope for better days, a return to normalcy, and an economic recovery. While we are at it, let’s hope for an end to political turmoil, unrest, and violence. I always enjoy your posts. ❀ Stay safe and be happy! Cheryl



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