1. Thank you for reading and commenting. There are several different biomes in the park. You can take a quiet boat ride through the mangroves as in the photo. The most famous biome is the “River of Grass,” where you can take an airboat ride and see tropical birds and alligators. There are Seminole and Miccosukee reservations in the Everglades with lovely museums and casinos if that is your thing. Miami Beach is nearby. If you get a chance to visit the area, I think you would enjoy it! All the best! Cheryl

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      1. It does sound like something I would totally enjoy; I will keep that in my mind-log for whenever the chance to visit Florida arises.
        Thank you for the descriptions.

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    1. Pene, Let’s Go! There are several biomes in that area. You can see the mangroves from a boat, or view alligators and tropical birds from an airboat in the “Sea of Grass.” Miccosukee and Seminole reservations have museums and casinos, and Miami Beach is nearby. Wishful thinking right now. 😦 Take care. Cheryl

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    1. Kritika, thank you for your thoughtful comment. So true! Though home is a wonderful place, I would like a change of scenery about now! Maybe a drive along the beach. 🙂 I am glad you liked the haiku.

      Have a wonderful day/evening! ❤ Cheryl



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