It Means a Lot to Me…

Robert Snyder. Photo by Cheryl Batavia

It Means a Lot to Me…

While some look for easy answers,

you thirst for knowledge

and seek truth.

While some are at war with themselves

and their neighbors,

you live in peace.

Some struggle to keep track of their lies.

You simply tell the truth…

You have my trust!

You say you love me

and show it every day.

I love you too.

Though life is filled with challenges,

you face each day with good humor,

a smile, a joke, and a wink.

If I am sad, you make me smile.

When good things happen to me,

you share my joy.

When something breaks, you fix it.

I never have to do the dishes alone…

That means a lot to me.

You were not born to make me happy,

but every day is a happy day

because I’m with you.

I don’t believe in fate, but it does seem

to me that we were made

for each other.

Robert, wishing you lots of happiness

on your seventy-third birthday

and always.

Love, Cheryl ❤

Copyright© 2021 by Cheryl Batavia


    1. Thank you, Laura, for your kind words and good wishes.

      Robert is somewhat serious, very knowledgeable in science, history, and politics. I was a little surprised the first time he winked at me! He also likes to tease and pull practical jokes 🙂

      All the best! ❤

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  1. Bless! Cheryl, what a beautiful, tender and loving birthday gift for your Robert! The love, kindness and warmth between you both shines through and this is a most precious present for the occasion! I bet there were tears of joy as he saw your post and message! A birthday and deep love to celebrate! 😀

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    1. Annika, so happy you enjoyed the poem. 🙂 I always make Robert a homemade birthday card with a poem. This year I wrote two poems and this was his favorite. I do feel very fortunate that we found each other. Thank you for your lovely comment. ❤ Did you resolve your root canal issues? Hope all is well with you!

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      1. Not one but two poems! How wonderful! 😀 I’m writing my family members a story for a Christmas present this year (along with other gifts!) and hope they enjoy them. As for the tooth, I’m waiting for a referral to a specialist, it flares up badly then seems to calm down for a while. Very frustrating. How is it going for Robert? How are his eyes?

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    2. Annika, I hope you get your referral to the orthodontist soon. Over a two-year period, Robert has had two root canals on the same tooth and four courses of antibiotics, The infection remained, and the tooth was pulled this week. It must have had a crack, because it was decayed inside. I think Robert will feel better when the tooth infection and sinus infection are finally gone. Then he will reschedule his cataract surgery.

      Best of luck to you. I know your family will treasure the story. ❤

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  2. Really made for each other. I had not come across such a lovely tribute to spouse with so much mutual love, support and respect. I wish a very happy birthday to Robert and many many blessed returns of the day. You are an ideal couple. May both of you shine together as ever 🎂🎉💐💖🙏

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  3. Wow! How lovely is that, Cheryl.
    My heart just filled with happiness.

    I pray for you love live as long as the sun does.
    Much love to both of you. 🙌❣

    Happiest of birthdays to Robert! Forgive me for being late to the party.

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    1. Thank you, Moulina, for your kind words and concern. Robert’s second root canal on the tooth failed and he just had the tooth pulled. When all infection in the tooth and sinuses is gone, the cataract surgery will be rescheduled. Not sure how long that will take.

      I feel very lucky that Robert and I found each other. We met on “Plenty of Fish” about 8 years ago when I was 65 and he was 66. Thank you so much for your good wishes.

      All the best to you! ❤ Stay safe and be happy!

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