Harvest & Heritage

Photo by Zefong Li from Unsplash.
Hayride. Photo by Randy Fath from Unsplash.

Harvest & Heritage

How warmly now the summer sun does shine

on bees at work in clover fields so fair!

Sweet ripened fruit hangs heavy on the vine.

Perfume of roses lingers in the air.

How softly ripples wheat in summer breeze!

Bright roadside flowers nourish butterflies.

In orchards, apples ripen on the trees.

Abundant food the garden plot supplies.

As birds fly south, the leaves turn red and gold.

In autumn, nature’s bounties harvesting,

we labor to prepare for winter’s cold

and save some seeds for planting in the spring.

At harvest, we give thanks for all good things:

our life and strength and gifts that nature brings.

Photo by Max Gorin from Unsplash.
Photo by Marek Studinsky from Unsplash.
Photo by Jakob Owens from Unsplash.

Restoring Our Connection to Nature

Hydrophonic gardening on a balcony. Photo by Lettuce Grow from Unsplash.

On small family farms like the dairy farm where my mother grew up and in home gardens that were the pride of my grandmother and my father, there is a profound connection to nature. People work in cooperation with nature to provide for themselves and their families.

In the time of large corporate farms, most people do not live on small family farms and raise all of the food they eat. Many people may have lost the connection to the land and to the changing seasons.

Whatever our work, wherever we live, we are a part of the cycles of nature. We can help to preserve and renew the environment. We may not be able to do everything, but there are things each one of us can do to renew our connection to the natural world.

Copyright© 2022 by Cheryl Batavia

Photo by Megan Lee from Unsplash.

Happy Thanksgiving to All My Fellow Bloggers!

After this week, I plan to take a couple of months off in order to regroup and focus on some long-deferred projects. Happy holidays to everyone!


  1. Yourpost makes me live again my youth wheI lived excactly what you dsecribe , Cheryl ( excepted the grape wine not growing ibn mmy area of northern France ).
    When whe were just married Janine and me we helped a late uncle to carry his weat on a cart hauled by horses to take it to the barn.
    Thank you to make alo=ive those memories in me.
    Love ❤

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    1. Michel, Your beautiful comment makes my day! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences on your uncle’s farm. It means a lot to me. You and Janine take good care of each other, and drink a toast to fond memories!
      Love ❤



    1. Thank you so much for your kind response, Wynne. ❤ I know you will make beautiful Thanksgiving memories with your children. Thanksgiving is such a meaningful holiday! Both the Christian and Jewish members of our family used to celebrate together at our house when my children were young.

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  2. You have very well described the connection we have with nature as we move from one season to another. A beautiful poem and equally beautiful are your pictures, Cheryl. Happy Thanksgiving! My best wishes for your plans 👍💗💐

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Cheryl, and thank you for your beautiful post. November is the month for gratitude and your lovely poem reflects the beauty of the season and the holidays. Enjoy your time off and best wishes for your plans. 💖

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  4. Thank you for these beautiful reminders of how much we have to be thankful for! I’ve always wanted to live on a small farm. (The older I get, the smaller I imagine that farm to be.) One thing that brings me closer, is shopping at the local farmer’s market on Saturdays.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, JoAnna. I used to take my mother, who had Alzheimer’s, to a wonderful farmers market when I lived in Sarasota. We fed the animals and bought ice cream, old-time candies, fresh produce, pumpkins, and flowers. Mom relived growing up on a Pennsylvania dairy farm. Thanksgiving is a lovely holiday with many memories. Enjoy! ❤

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  5. What a delightful and beautiful poem dear Cheryl and your photos are so awesome too. I love the color and the hydroponic gardening on the balcony. I feel the warmth of your words and the promise of hope as we rise to meet each day… thank you my friend.

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  6. Very inviting poem. How times have changed. Makes me yearn for rural living!

    I hope you have a good couple of months off and I look forward to reading more of your writing when you return. Stay safe, Lawrence.

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  7. Beautiful poem and message, Cheryl. 💗
    As a winter person, I always admire it and love it more than any other season. However, I understand that every season & colour of nature is beautiful. All we need is to accept and adapt to the cycle of nature.
    You’re right we have lost the connection to our lands and nature. Sometimes I feel like I should find a way to rural living and get that peace and tranquillity.

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