One Earth

Embrace the World. Photo by mrcolo from Pixabay.

Photo by NASA from Unsplash.

One Earth

Our Earth, one small blue planet, spins in space.

By day, we turn toward one blazing star.

By night, one moon reflects our star’s bright face,

one star among vast galaxies afar.

One fragile atmosphere envelopes Earth.

One rocky mantle guards its molten core.

One water fills the deep and gives clouds birth.

One land, five continents defined by shores.

Rainforest monkeys chatter in the trees.

In beds of giant kelp, sea otters play.

The lungs of earth are places such as these;

preserving habitats our task today.

All living things are one, fates intertwined;

Earth’s fortunes shape your destiny and mine.

Sea otters in a bed of giant kelp. Photo by Kieran Wood from Unsplash.

Photo by Antoni Shkraba from Pexels.

Photo by Rodnae Productions from Pexels.

Copyright© 2022 by Cheryl Batavia


A couple of weeks ago, we found undiscovered hurricane damage to our house. Dealing with the insurance company, roofing companies, and contractors is consuming a lot of time and energy, and I have had to put my planned projects on hold. The insurance company has approved a new roof, payment for tree removal, and some needed repairs. Contractors are very busy with all the damage to properties here, and ours is not an emergency, so it may be some months before the work is completed.


  1. Well said, Chery! India’s theme of G20 is one earth, one family, one future. Your selection of pictures is superb. Hope your damages are fixed early. All the best 👍💐💖

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  2. Stunning poetry Cheryl 🌸💕
    All the best with your roof repairs and I’m glad that you got the cost covered through the insurance. Roof repair is a costly affair. I’m having my roof repaired at the moment, the insurance claim was unsuccessful as the damaged was caused by improper maintenance.

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  3. moving words and pics Cheryl … we too are waiting! So many natural disasters rolling in one after the other that our tradies are super busy. I am also not considered an emergency but it will be nice when it happens 🙂

    Take care precious

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    1. The county cleared the humongous pile of brush from our street this week. Progress with such a widespread need for cleanup is slow. It helps me to be more patient to remember those whose damage is so much more serious than ours. I recall you saying that there is still much to do two years later where you live. Wishing you can get your repairs very soon, Kate! Take care. ❤

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      1. no no no, our floods were only in Feb/Mar, 3 major floods within a few weeks!

        I personally have been living with water damaged carpet for two years as they replaced the roof just before I moved in but never touched the carpet … so it’s leaky roof damage, not disaster damage 🙂

        The bush fires down south were more than 2 years ago and many rebuilds haven’t even started yet … whole families are still camping out! It seems when one disaster finishes another starts.

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      2. The Fort Myers Beach area just south of us is totally destroyed. Hotels, houses, and buildings are gone. I don’t know if they will rebuild many that are so close to the beach. 4,000 people there lost their homes. We are lucky in our area. Most damaged structures are repairable.

        It is concerning that we are having so many hurricanes, fires, and floods! Stay safe! ❤

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  4. What loveliness you put together here, Cheryl. We have work to do and we better or our very roofs will fall on us.

    About your roof, sorry to hear you’re having such setbacks. Hope it gets mended soon.

    Lovely photos made this extra special. Thanks so much. XoXo
    December blessings going your way, my sweet. XoXo

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  5. I love our wonderful blue planet. It is full of fascinating wonders, full of special features and it is unique… 🌸💕Cheryl, Wishing you and your loved ones a happy new year, filled with joy, peace and blessings in abundance.

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